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We are taking a look at featuring Message Radio on Satellite Radio. Please keep us in prayer as we look at this very large platform, which reaches all of the United States, Canada, and some parts of Mexico.

Traditionally, radio stations have used radio ads and announcements to generate revenue for the station during their regularly scheduled daily broadcasts. However, the Lighthouse Network prefers not to cloud our broadcasts with advertisements or pulls for money so that our broadcasts are reserved for ministry.


We have decided to provide the Lighthouse Mall that is full of links for shopping and purchasing items directly from home. It is simple and it is safe. Shopping for items with a simple click of the mouse can save you much time and money.


Now you might be thinking, how is that? Well, rather then running around from store to store, it's simple. You have many stores listed right here in front of you, on this page. See how simple it is? Especially when your purchased item is brought to your front door.


We will update this page regularly for your convenience. Keep checking the Lighthouse Mall for new listings and additions.


We will begin adding banners and links soon, all of which sponsor the Lighthouse Network, Inc.