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By Ramon J. Martinez



On November 3, 2012 Jim Brown at 98 wanted to be baptized in Christian Baptism.

James Thompson, Jim Brown, Ramon J. Martinez

All that above, one thing is certain, “it’s never too late to receive Jesus Christ as your Savior.” In many ways, those of us who claim to be Christians are the worst critics. We easily brush someone off as not worthy of our time. Perhaps we see no profit in our efforts. We can at times, without realizing our own arrogance and self-centered attitudes, make preconceived judgments about others that perhaps are not true, such as dismissing a person as condemned and without hope for salvation.

In many ways our work as ministers is easy. We enjoy a position over those who offer themselves to us for assistance, judgment, and correction. All too often rather than waiting on the Lord we have already condemned a soul to whatever fate our arrogance dictates, because we couldn’t be the one to make a difference in that person’s life. When our flesh can no longer endure a person’s presence or deal with a situation we tell others we did all we could to make a difference. We become their judge at our failure, and blame the person or situation. We then speak of that person as no more than a piece of Junk. But the bitter truth we ministers must face is that in the grand scheme of things, the average piece of junk is more meaningful than our criticism designates itself. After all, isn’t junk what Christ died for, the despised and rejected?

Jim Brown BaptismOh! How our arrogance has deceived us. It is only God that can open a person’s heart. The world is often cruel to those groping in the darkness, trying to find their way through life. Many never come to understand the things of God early in their life. This was the case of “Jim Brown”, unlike those who were educated in theology or grew up in a home that was Christ centered. Those we write off often are those that have trouble adjusting. They’re Odd Balls, they live life like the devil and are trying hard to meet him. Some live good clean lives, some have attended church all their life, and never got it. Yet they will sit, argue and split hairs on doctrinal issues rather than Jesus Christ, missing the point completely.

I recently visited a senior independent living facility, a place where the young at heart reside and in a few cases are forgotten by family, friends, and society. When someone visits these places they are always greeted as if you were a long lost friend. I had never felt more welcome any place than when I come to visit this retirement center, known as The Towers. It was in this most humble of origin that I met an extraordinary man who just accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as his Savior for the first time in his 98 years of life through an unexpected source. Though many of us ministers would love to take credit for such a find, I dare not make such a claim.



Before meeting the Lord Jesus Christ, he was a member and involved in the local San Antonio Unitarian Church for many years. The tool God used to reach Mr. Brown was not through ministers. There was a group of men living in the same complex who met weekly for Bible study and prayer. Mr. Brown became curious about this group and began attending. He listened intently and asked questions, hearing answers he had never heard before. He became more and more curious who Jesus Christ was and why he came to die on the cross.

Excited about the new friends he found he went to the pastor of his church and asked him to teach on Jesus Christ. The pastor of his church said “no”. Mr. Brown then made the decision to leave the Unitarian Church. He continued attending the prayer group on a regular basis and began reading everything he could get his hands on concerning the Bible and Jesus Christ. Over the course of time a friendship developed with several men in the group who helped him grow and make his decision to serve the Lord Jesus Christ. These friends didn’t discuss doctrines or theories. They just shared Jesus Christ, and encouraged Mr. Brown to look to God. They never tried to control him or Lord themselves over him, they just befriended him.

In this reporter’s opinion, this is one of the most beautiful examples of how our Lord Jesus Christ is no respecter of persons.


19 TO 98 MAKES NO DIFFERENCE. Jesus Christ died for us all.

One picture says a thousand words. Please feel free to also enjoy the additional photos below of Brother Jim Brown as he takes his step of faith declaring an outward expression of an inward work of God. Please keep Brother Jim Brown in your prayers.

Jim Brown Baptism Statement