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We are taking a look at featuring Message Radio on Satellite Radio. Please keep us in prayer as we look at this very large platform, which reaches all of the United States, Canada, and some parts of Mexico.

Quote by: William Marrion Branham (Love Shreveport, LA Thursday 56-0726);

"Nothing but lost souls, is the only thing that's got any value in it. Money passes away. Homes decay and go away. Everything in the earth moves away. The only value, lasting value, Id rather have one soul in glory, that I won to Christ..., to know and see that that Light of God circles around that soul through all eternity, my name to be associated with that, than to have every penny of money in the whole earth, cause Id have to lose - lose it all. But what you send up there, is eternal And thats the reason we are trying."

Welcome to the business contribution page of the Lighthouse Network.

The Lighthouse Network is dedicated to promoting the Message that was revealed to the prophet for this age and the Message for this hour that is preparing the Bride for the soon coming rapture.

The Lighthouse Network is a not for profit radio broadcasting network currently broadcasting in multiple languages with a very credible five star rating with alexa.com, and we are interested in partnering with ethical Christian owned businesses that want exposure to our strong and unique listening audience made up of Message believers from around the country and the world.

If you are a business that is interested in sponsoring the Lighthouse Network for a tax deductable monthly gift, we will post your logo on our high traffic web site, with a link to your web site. In addition we will also have a 30 second announcement stating that your business is a sponsor of our network that will run on our daily broadcasts. Because of the high traffic we experience on our web site coupled with our social networking on Facebook and Twitter, we are confident that the exposure your company would receive as a result of your sponsorship of this network will be a blessing to your business.

Monthly sponsorship for a business is based on the ability of each individual business.

Below are some of the levels of faithful monthly offerings. You can choose which level at which you are able to become a sponsor.


We hope that you will prayerfully consider your business becoming a sponsor of this network; there are so many benefits in helping to spread the Message around the world. Feel free to call us to discuss the level at which you would be able to participate at. Every bit helps in the spreading of the Gospel. God bless you.

Think of this effort as joining hands to help spread the Gospel together!